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Children With Special Needs: Helpful Resources for Parents (2023)

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The Importance of Quercetin and Zinc During Pandemic (2022)

Are you missing something vital for COVID-19 protection?  Zinc is vital for immune system function. However, for zinc to work effectively in the body to boost immune system function, zinc has to be pushed into the cells which would require an ionophore. An ionophore is a substance that transports particles across the cell wall barrier into the center of the cell. Ionophores are fat-soluble molecules that bind to ions to help move them across cell membranes. Without the right ionophore, elemental zinc is poorly absorbed and will remain stuck in the bloodstream where it cannot be used by the body’s cells.  Many substances can act as ionophores for zinc, one being the antioxidant quercetin. Thus, taking quercetin along with zinc may provide additional benefits to an immune-boosting protocol. Therefore,  zinc ionophores  (e.g. Quercetin) can likely be used with zinc supplement to act as antiviral against many RNA viruses including influenza and COVID-19. In short, the major benefit of tak


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