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10 Celebrities That Have Gone Public About Wearing Hair Extensions

Wonder why most celebrities have hair that looks so glamorous?  Ninety-seven percent  of them know the ultimate hair secret: hair extensions. Writing for Condé Nast-owned, Bella Cacciatore  argues  that “Hair extensions are so ubiquitous in Hollywood these days, it’s almost more shocking when somebody doesn’t wear them.” If so many celebrities are wearing hair extensions, why do many of them never admit it? Celebrities sometimes shy away from admitting that they wear hair extensions because while mainstream media loves to promote beautiful stars, it also has the back-stabbing habit of shaming them at the first opportunity. For instance, the Daily Mail  describes  hair extensions as “cheating,” which can go “humiliatingly wrong.” Even though some celebrities may not want us to know that they have hair extensions, many have taken the risk and gone public about wearing them. These are the superstars we focus on in this article. Why Is Hair Such a Big Issue? When we look at hai

Fact Check: Ivermectin Precursor Did Win Nobel Prize (October 2021)

The claim: Ivermectin won Nobel Prize for its role in treating human disease   Debate over potential COVID-19 treatments has been a constantly evolving saga over the last year, with drugs like hydroxychloroquine and recently ivermectin touted by many despite a lack of convincing scientific evidence.   Demand for ivermectin reached a fever pitch as prescriptions for the anti-parasitic agent shot up by 2,400% by the middle of August compared to the weekly average prior to the pandemic,  according to the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention . Ivermectin poisoning calls have also increased by 163%, according to  data collected by the American Association of Poison Control Centers .  Despite this, some social media users continue to support the drug, citing a high-profile award in an attempt to legitimize its controversial use against the virus. "If you just got finessed into calling the medicine that won the 2015 Nobel Prize for its role in

Two New Studies Test Quercetin And COVID Outcomes

In an August 21, 2021, newsletter, 1   Dr. Michael Murray discussed the use of quercetin for respiratory infection symptoms. In November 2020, he’d suffered a “very mild and brief bout of COVID-19.”  He also recounts an anecdotal story of a friend who developed suspicious respiratory symptoms. His friend had been taking a number of supplements said to offer protection, but was still feeling awful. As it turns out, the one thing he’d not taken was quercetin, and as soon as he did, that same day, his symptoms started to dissipate. This experience, Murray says, “is consistent with the results from two clinical trials” that were recently published. Quercetin seems to be a safe, far less expensive, and easier-to-obtain and it works by a similar mechanism, driving zinc into the cells to stop viral replication. Statistical Improvement in Clinical Outcomes In the first study, 2  42 COVID-19 outpatients were divided into two groups. One group of 21 patients received standard medical therapy con


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