Top Dermatologists in Malaysia 2019

How do you go about finding the right dermatologist? Google Search? Review Sites? Friends? If you are looking for the best skin specialist (dermatologist) in Malaysia, this article was written with you in mind.

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Dermatologists in Malaysia are medically qualified doctors who provide a range of skin care services from treating simple skin conditions like acne treatment to diagnosis and management of more complicated skin cases like severe acne scars, psoriasis, eczema (atopic dermatitis) etc. Some dermatologists have also expanded their services and offer aesthetic procedures, and selling skin care products as well.

Most Malaysians are confused between the roles and areas of speciality of aesthetic doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

There have been reports of adverse outcomes including disfigurements and even death, arising from aesthetic procedures performed by incompetent medical and non-medical practitioners. Therefore, the He…

Top 10 Beauty Academies in Malaysia 2019

"Can someone recommend me a good beauty academy in KL?". This is a common question that we see frequently on forums and on WhatsApp groups.

Popularity of a beauty academy could be influenced by marketing hype or heavy online and off-line advertising. However, online popularity doesn't necessarily mean that the beauty academy is the best beauty academy in town for all kinds of beauty related knowledge and courses.

If you are feeling lazy and do not wish to read the whole article, you could contact us for assistance.

If you do a Google search, there will plenty of beauty academies available in Kuala Lumpur and major cities in Malaysia. While the list is overwhelming, we have shortlisted 10 of them for your convenience and consideration. The selection of this list was based on Google search results, reviews and information available on blogs and forums. 

Disclaimer: The beauty academies have been arranged in no particular order of priority.

1) S & Co. Make-up Academy

S &…

Dermatologists in Singapore - Organized by Centre 2019

Looking for a recommended Dermatologist in Singapore?

What does a Dermatologist do?

Just so that we are on the same page, a dermatologist is someone who holds a professional medical degree with further post-graduate training in skin diseases. We wouldn't call someone working at a spa a skin specialist though, but if you have a skin related problem and has not been well managed by a general practitioner, you may wish to be referred to a skin specialist or dermatologist.

If you are looking for related reviews, please feel free to check out Dermatologist Singapore Review.

The following are skin specialists registered on the Singapore Specialist Accreditation Board’s register for dermatology.

Best Cellulite Treatment in Malaysia | Cost, Reviews and Clinics 2019

If you are looking for the best cellulite treatment clinics in Kuala Lumpur, we've got the reviews and cost covered in this post.

For a layperson, you might get confused over the wide range of cellulite treatment prices and methods available in beauty salons and aesthetic clinics. Since there are many popular methods of cellulite treatment in Malaysia, we will cover the essentials so that you will understand the differences between the myths and facts of cellulite treatment.


Cellulite is a term for lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. It's most common in adolescent and adult women. Although not a serious medical condition, your cellulite might embarrass you.

Many cellulite treatments, including massages or cellulite creams, advertise remarkable results. Most of these treatments don't live up to their claims. Researchers are studying possible medical treatments. In the meantime, you can take steps to slightly improve the appearance of celluli…

Shocking Truth Behind the World of Cosmetic Medicine | Truth behind the industry - Dr Davin Lim

The cosmetic industry is filled with sale driven ethos, and the dignity of medicine has suffered. New lasers are flooding the market, together with lax laser licence laws means poor training. 15 years ago to obtain a laser licence for procedures like hair removal and laser tattoo removal one had to go though a vigorous examination. Nowadays, open book online courses are available, additionally there is no structured learning both for doctors and for dermal therapist or laser nurses. 

In Queensland, Australia any doctor, including dentists and vets can purchase high powered CO2 and erbium lasers without training. In my opinion, this is similar to buying a fully automatic shotgun. Used incorrectly lasers have the potential to cause life long serious scarring, even in ‘safe’ fractional laser resurfacing mode. I love working with laser technology however for many cases of acne scarring, lasers are NOT the answer. Lasers such as CO2, erbium, Fraxel, and energy devices such as RF microneed…

5 Best Hotels Near Sunway Medical Centre 2019

Looking for hotels near Sunway Medical Centre?

There are many hotels near Sunway Medical Centre and it may not be easy to select the right one. That's one of the reasons why we have shortlisted and selected 5 hotels for you to choose. The selection of the hotels is based on Google Search Results,, reviews and information available on blogs and forums.

Here is the list.

#1. Resort Suites @ Sunway City

Address: Level 12, Resort Suites, Pyramid Tower East, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Note: The reception for Resort suites is at Level B1 of Hotel Pyramid Tower.
Distance from Sunway Medical Centre: 0.7 km

Walking distance to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

500 metres away from Asia biggest attraction, Sunway Lagoon.

10 minutes walking to The Pinnacle Sunway.

Resort Suites Reviews: 
8.7 / 10 based on 57 reviews on
7.8 / 10 (location rating: 8.8) based on 701 reviews on
Price per night:…