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Do the NIH and WHO COVID treatment recommendations need to be fixed?

India, Brazil, and most other countries all rely on COVID treatment guidance from the two organizations that people most trust for medical advice, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet following the COVID guidance of these organizations is failing to prevent the unnecessary death of millions of people worldwide. Is the guidance provided by these organizations correct? Or is there a possibility it could be harmful to follow their guidance? This is now a matter of urgent public interest because India recently adopted ivermectin as standard of care for early treatment of COVID, which is exactly opposite to the WHO recommendation. Is India doing the right thing? Or are they making a huge mistake? It’s important that people around the world hear from experts from both sides so they can decide for themselves. Individual states in India can issue their own guidance. Goa wants people to take ivermectin ,  but Tamil Nadu just decided it should not

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