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How to Find Beauty Products Without Toxic Chemicals

In  Toxic Beauty , an award-wining documentary film by Phyllis Ellis,   skin care   products are called the “new cigarettes,” and a Swiss chemist for one of the biggest designer brands in the world admits that  the cosmetic industry is destroying women’s cells . But it’s not  just  cells the personal care industry is destroying… Of the tens of thousands of chemicals available for use in the cosmetic industry most aren’t reviewed by a government agency before going to market.  In fact, the industry’s ugliest ingredients –  carcinogenic heavy metals , parabens and phthalates, irritants, and allergens – have been linked to a number of health issues, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson by over 15,000 women claim the company’s talc-based baby powder is to blame for ovarian cancer. Trace amounts of asbestos, a well-known cancer causer, has been found in concealer as well as the sparkly makeup marketed to

Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Supplements 2022

Inflammation is the body’s response to harmful stimulus such as injury, infection, or irritation. There are two main types of inflammation ; acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation usually restores your body to its state before injury or illness. It often resolves in two weeks or less. Symptoms appear quickly.  Chronic inflammation slower and generally less severe form. It typically lasts longer than six weeks. It can occur even when there’s no injury, and it doesn’t always end when the illness or injury is healed. Chronic inflammation has been linked to autoimmune disorders and even prolonged stress. What are the 5 classic signs of inflammation? - Redness - Heat - Swelling - Pain - Loss of function: Not able to move the injured part easily How can I get rid of inflammation naturally? - Anti-Inflammatory Diet Researchers have identified certain foods that can help control inflammation. Many of them are found in the so-called Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes

Best Povidone Iodine Nasal Spray and Gargle Brands 2022

Povidone Iodine has been well documented as one of the most effective of all antimicrobials available. Hospitals and medical facilities worldwide use povidone-iodine as a standard of care in infection control, even though it contains very small amounts of Iodine. Povidone Iodine (PVP-1) has been in commercial use since 1955 and is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines. Source: PVP-1 contains 31,600 ppm of iodine compounds, but it is only I2 that is the biocidal species responsible for its antimicrobial activity. I2 occurs in trace quantities of 2–3 ppm, but even at these levels, it is considered the best at destroying bacteria, viruses, and fungi. All the other aspects of PVP-1 only contribute to its toxicity, staining, and unpleasant taste. Source: 10.1111/j.2042-7158.1997.tb06069.x For more than 50 years, PVP-1 has been used as an essential medic

8 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos of 2022

Dandruff is common condition that causes flaky skin on your scalp. This skin often falls off, leaving white flakes on your shoulders. It can be uncomfortable, annoying, and challenging to get rid of. The good news is that using anti-dandruff shampoo and the right washing method can make all the difference. Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Dandruff typically doesn't directly contribute to hair loss. But because it makes you itchy, you might scratch. Your hair follicles may become damaged as a result of this, but you won't go completely bald. Additionally, dandruff can worsen male- and female-pattern baldness in those with androgenic alopecia, a disorder that causes hair loss. If you haven’t already, try using a medicated shampoo designed to help with dandruff. Look for products containing any of the following ingredients: pyrinthione zinc salicylic acid ketoconazole selenium sulfide  For mild cases of dandruff, you may only need to use medicated shampoo for a few weeks. If you hav

i-MASK Protocol by FLCCC: COVID Prevention and Treatment (2022)

The I-Mask protocol for prevention and early treatment (is now divided into I-Prevent and I-Care protocols) are physiologic-based combination treatment regimens developed by leaders in critical care medicine. All component prescription medicines and vitamins are FDA-approved, inexpensive, readily available and have been used for decades with well-established safety profiles. McCullough et al. Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, 2020 Please check this post regularly for updates – new medications may be added and/or dose changes to existing medications may be made as further scientific studies emerge. I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 was designed for use as a prevention and in early outpatient treatment, for those who test positive for COVID-19. Component nutrients include vitamin D, C, melatonin,  quercetin and zinc . To help you get quality supplements in this protocol, we've put together a suppleme


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