Former Thai Pop Star to Sue Korean Plastic Surgery Hospital USD 600,000 for Breast Implants that Almost Killed Her

(Coconuts Media) - A 2000s-era Thai pop star is back in the spotlight after this weekend speaking publicly about her “near death story” following a breast augmentation surgery in South Korea that went terribly wrong.

Photo: Facebook/ May Jeeranan
In viral Facebook posts made on Friday, Jeeranan “May” Kitprasarn, a singer formerly signed with record label RS, said she decided to go under the knife — for the first time in her life — in late December to get breast implants. The surgery, she says, ended up putting her in a coma where she had a “10 percent chance of survival.”

Jeeranan said that, in an attempt to improve her posture (*ahem*) and confidence, she paid a whopping THB800,000 (US$24,000) to have the surgery at Grand Plastic Surgery hospital in Seoul, which she said had many positive reviews.

But soon after the operation, Jeeranan said her breasts had caused irregular bleeding and burning sensations, something she claims her doctor and nurses said was perfectly normal.

“It felt like acid running through my chest. I couldn’t even stand up or walk. I asked the doctor about this abnormal pain, but he said it was normal post-surgery,” Jeeranan wrote.

After returning to Thailand a week after the surgery, Jeeranan was bleeding so heavily she continued receiving care at KTOP Clinic, a Bangkok hospital affiliated with the plastic surgery clinic in South Korea. Again, the former pop star alleged that doctors insisted she had nothing to worry about.

It wasn’t until mid-January, after three weeks of continuous pain and bleeding — right at the verge of death — when her breasts her heavily infected leaked out pus. This was when staff at KTOP Clinic told her they had to remove the implants immediately.

While the timeline of what follows is somewhat unclear, the result of the operation was her ending up in what staff later described as “a coma with a 10 percent chance of survival.”

After the removal of the implants, Jeeranan’s mother took her still-comatos daughter to another hospital, Bumrungrad, where she was diagnosed with pseudomonas aeruginosa — a blood infection that often occurs after surgery when immune systems are weakened and can even lead to death.

Now safe and out of the hospital, Jeeranan is finally speaking up.

“My breasts are not the same anymore — their shape and size have changed, and I have a huge scar,” May told Thairath in a phone interview Friday.

“I believed them when they said it was all OK and I’d get better soon,” May said, adding she was most angry about the fact that the doctors lied to her about the operation’s side effects.

Despite all this, she claims that she doesn’t object to the idea of plastic surgery and simply wants to serve as a cautionary tale: “I don’t want anyone to risk their lives ever again.”

“Cosmetic surgery change people’s lives for the better, and I’d like to say those who had successful operations are very lucky. At the same time, surgeries also ruin people’s lives … I was one of those people who almost lost their lives from surgery,” she wrote.

KTOP did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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(Coconuts Media) - When Jeeranan “May” Kitprasarn went under the knife in December to get breast implants, she never imagined the surgery at Seoul’s Grand Plastic Surgery hospital would almost kill her.

Now she’s looking for justice in the only form she’s likely to get it — cold, hard cash.

The 2000s pop star plans to sue a hospital in South Korea and all parties involved for THB20 million (about US$600,000) in compensation, after a blood infection from the breast augmentation put her in intensive care, a situation she says left her with just a 10% chance of survival.

Pursuing legal action is all part of Jeeranan’s road to physical, emotional and financial recovery, her lawyer, Wanchai Sornsiri, told Coconuts Bangkokyesterday. Planned lawsuit targets include the South Korean hospital where the surgery was performed, as well as their Bangkok sister hospital KTOP, and the Thai agent who helped facilitate the operation.

“We are still preparing evidence to file against both the Korean and Thai hospitals as well as the Thai agent,” said Wanchai.

His team of lawyers is in no rush to finalize a filing date, he added, saying they are being methodical in their preparations and that the statute of limitations for such cases is one year.

Meanwhile, Jeeranan is still undergoing physical therapy daily to work on her shoulders and arms’ range of motion, which has been limited to only “90-180 degrees” after three surgeries to remove the silicone and puss from her breasts and to stabilize the heavily infected wounds.

The former pop star has been informed by her doctor that she may never make a full recovery nor be able to breastfeed.

“The doctor isn’t sure if the 360 degree flexibility [of my arms] will ever return, but it would at least take at least another 6 months to a year to further my current range,” she told Coconuts.

“Right now, my breasts feel completely numb … I also have a huge scar across my chest that, according to my doctor, will take about year or two to heal.”

Though she has considered getting corrective cosmetic surgery, nothing can be done until the wounds completely heal, Jeenanan said.

KTOP declined Coconuts’ request for comment.

Wanchai said that his team is also filing complaints with related government institutions including the Medical Council of Thailand, Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the Office of the Consumer Protection Board — in hopes these organizations will take a closer look at the lucrative cosmetic surgery industry and its advertising.

“We want the story to be a wake-up call for these institutions to take better care of their citizen’s rights and safety,” explains Wanchai.

“This matter concerns the rights and safety of the general public and not just this specific case.”

Although breast augmentation is a relatively low risk cosmetic surgery procedure, no surgery is completely free of complications. The post-operative period is important. If you notice that you are getting a fever or the surgical pain is getting worse or not improving, you need to contact the 24/7 contact number provided to you. For post-surgical care, every medical centre should be contactable on a 24/7 basis. Post-surgical complication can happen anytime and time is of the essence. You need to contact the surgical centre immediately in order for the complication to be treated or to have something corrected.


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