We are a team of experienced executives and doctors who have come together to leverage our experience and our relationships in the healthcare industry. Our main objective is to enhance growth for our clients in the medical aesthetics and wellness niche.

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Business Advisory and Consultancy - Medical Aesthetics and Wellness
  • Setting up and business development of new medical aesthetic clinics, wellness and regenerative medicine centre and medical spa business.
  • We assist in negotiations between manufacturers and the client. We provide independent representation, support, and negotiating expertise.
  • We provide reliable contacts that help clients make informed and educated purchase decisions.
  • We provide customised consultations that are tailored to the clients’ vision and services of their businesses.
  • Through our extensive network, we remain updated on the growth of technologies and help our clients find the most innovative and cost effective options including:
    1. Medical and Laser Equipments with Leasing Options 
    2. Developing Marketing Channels 
    3. White Label Solutions for Medical Grade Beauty and Skincare Products 
    4. Setting up of new medical aesthetic and wellness clinic 
    5. Expansion of services to include medical aesthetic or wellness related services 
Medical and Wellness Tourism
  • Through our network in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea, we arrange customised medical travel packages for medical and wellness related holidays. 
Licensing Opportunities

If you wish to be an entrepreneur and be part of this medical aesthetics ecosystem, please feel free to contact us at info[at]aestheticsadvisor[dot]com.

Digital Marketing

Need more leads and customers? We can help.
  • Digital Marketing As A Service (DMAAS).
  • Online Advertisements: We aim to increase your revenue and maximise your campaign with Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.
  • SEO and reputation management: As our client, we will rank your selected keywords in the first page on Google search results.
  • Web Development and Management.
Aesthetics Advisor online search performance report (Search Console by Google) - June 2021

Aesthetics Advisor online search performance report (Search Console by Google) - May 2021

Google Organic SEO Projects (Digital Marketing)

  • Steve Fong - Co-Founder, Business Development
  • Dr. Frank Yap – Co-Founder, Digital Marketing and Editor
  • Azeril Zolle – Head, Business Development​
  • Daniel Ashari – Head, Social Media
  • Dr Jaddev Singh - Head, Information Technology and Training
  • Razak Zaha – Web Development​
  • Salahuddin Azami – Social Media Exec.​
  • Waill Tatari – Visual Designer​
  • Iskandar Zulkarnain – Visual Designer​
  • Li Yuan – Content & copywriter​
  • Nadiah Suhaimi – Content & copywriter​
AestheticsAdvisor Facebook Group

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