Top Clinics

As for the top clinic selection, the online world provides overwhelming information and while some of the sites do provide the needed information; the methods in which the clinics are selected are not explained or too simplistic.

How do you know the healthcare and beauty professionals you are dealing with are properly trained and has the right amount of experience and not de-registered for whatever reason/s? You wouldn't let an unskilled car mechanic to fix your car, so why is it ok for an unskilled professional to work on your face or body?

The checklist shown below is by no means exhaustive:

  • Are the medical doctors verified by checking with the Malaysian Medical Council etc.? 
  • Are the clinics licensed under the Malaysian Ministry of Health? 
  • Are the specialists registered under the National Specialist Register?
  • Google Search Results
  • Check reviews (online and offline)
  • Check feedback from trusted friends and professionals.

Best Clinics 2018 by Specialty, Location and Treatment

Selection Methodology: The selection of the clinics is based on Google Search Results, clinic directory and information available on blogs and forums .

Disclaimer: The list of clinics has been categorised but has been arranged in no particular order of importance.


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