Top 10 Beauty Academies in Malaysia 2019

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"Can someone recommend me a good beauty academy in KL?". This is a common question that we see frequently on forums and on WhatsApp groups.

Popularity of a beauty academy could be influenced by marketing hype or heavy online and off-line advertising. However, online popularity doesn't necessarily mean that the beauty academy is the best beauty academy in town for all kinds of beauty related knowledge and courses.

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If you do a Google search, there will plenty of beauty academies available in Kuala Lumpur and major cities in Malaysia. While the list is overwhelming, we have shortlisted 10 of them for your convenience and consideration. The selection of this list was based on Google search results, reviews and information available on blogs and forums. 

Disclaimer: The beauty academies have been arranged in no particular order of priority.

1) S & Co. Make-up Academy

S & Co. Make-up Academy, wholly owned by S & Co. Artistry Studio was established with a mission of grooming professional make-up artists through its practical skills courses. As a company with more than 10 years of industry experience and recognition that is still highly active in the bridal & commercial makeup industry, S & Co. Artistry Studio understands the industry trend and demand thereby allowing its students to make the most out of its Make-up Courses. 

S & Co. Make-up Academy takes great pride in offering one of the best Professional Bridal Make-up & Hairstyling Course in Malaysia. Every Tutor in the course is still actively engaged in bridal make-up services, who are more than generous to share their experiences with students who are esteemed to build their career as a professional bridal make-up artist. (Alexa Traffic Rank: 5,100,000)

FB: SnCoMakeupAcademy

2) Sense & Style Beauty Academy

Sense & Style Beauty Academy was established in 2003, offering makeup, beauty, hair styling, nutrition and nail art courses and services. We have branches in Bandar Sunway, Berjaya Times Square, Kepong, Bandar Baru Klang, Johor Bahru Taman Sutera and Kluang.The objective of Sense & Style is to create awareness of the importance of image grooming among Malaysians. Hence, the first step is to generate more makeup artists and beauticians who provide professional makeup and beauty knowledge and services at the highest standard. (Alexa Traffic Rank: 5,100,000)

FB: senseandstylebeautyacademy 

3) Mizumi Beauty Academy

Mizumi Beauty Academy was established since 1981. We offered government accredited beauty courses with government loan supported for students. We also provide opportunities for experienced salon owners, beautician and skilled workers to apply for SKM certificates. Other than that, school leavers or youths who have passion in involving themselves in beauty industries are welcome to join our Diploma or Advance Diploma courses and grad with the SKM certs. Our 'Program Pembangunan Usahawan' provide a basic entrepreneur training for woman to run their own business in the beauty industries (Alexa Traffic Rank: 19,100,000)

FB: MizumiBeautyAcademy

4) Amber Chia Academy

Amber Chia Academy was founded by Amber Chia on the 10th of August 2010. It would become a very special day that would change the modeling scene in Malaysia forever. Established to produce an outstanding generation of fashion icons and beauty creators, Amber Chia Academy is designed to share a wealth of experience and knowledge in an upbeat and creative style. It is the goal of Amber Chia Academy to transform the way models model, to re-invent the way make-up artists make-up, to make nail art a bold fashion statement, and to bring a paradigm shift in the way photographers take photos. (Alexa Traffic Rank: 15,100,000)


5) Makeup Miracle Academy & Beauty Workshop

Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop was established in 2010 and has been continuously growing as a team ever since.

As an Academy, Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop has earned its reputation as a leading Makeup Academy in Malaysia, acclaimed for its pioneering ideas, creativity and diverse portfolio. Our students are guided by their passion for developing skills and knowledge.

This had enabled them to achieve excellence alongside our experienced educators and real hands-on practicum experiences. Through the years, Makeup Miracle Academy & Workshop has developed every aspiring individual who has entered through its doors – no matter their age, gender or status – and aided their transformation to becoming a professional makeup artist and making their name in the beauty industry. (Alexa Traffic Rank: 8,100,000)

FB: makeupmiracle

6) Private Colors Beauty & Makeup Academy

PRIVATE COLORS BEAUTY & MAKEUP ACADEMY was founded by Casey Gooi, a professional makeup artist and trainer with experiences of more than a decade in field. The Academy was officially established in year 2016, offering wide range of professional makeup and beauty courses with its content designed according to professional standard.

The Academy provides platform for students to obtain essential certificates on professionalism such as certificate of SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia), and other related profession certificates. The Academy is dedicated to provide quality education and produce highly-trained professionals in field. (Alexa Traffic Rank: >20,000,000)

FB: privatecolorsacademy

7) Aery Jo Academy

Aery Jo Academy is a professional make up academy that teaches a unique combination of Korean and International technical skills. We also upgrade and provide the latest information of make up trend.Our Academy will provide both theory and practical training. Students will e given the opportunity to work outdoor activities with Professional on exciting events. Such as studio make over, movies shooting, fashion, bridal and makeup show and international competition.

Upon completion of the desire make up courses, students are equip with an impressive portfolio that are essential for their make up career. (International Certificate are also available). 
The Principle and all our renowned make up Artists are talented, creative and experienced. Aery Jo Academy is renowned as School of Beauty & Arts. (Alexa Traffic Rank: 12,100,000)

8) Backstage Academy

Aspire to be the best in hair styling, makeup artistry and image creation? Guided by elements of art and trends of fashion, Backstage provides you the platform to jumpstart your dream. As a full-fledge learning hub where creativity, excitement and enthusiasm are part of the curriculum, Backstage offers courses in hair styling, bridal and professional makeup, special FX, fantasy, avante garde, airbrushing, character makeup and image design & creation – all the technical and artistic skills required to excel in the bridal, beauty, fashion, television & film, stage & runway productions and print industries.

The industry-recognized professional instructors at Backstage have been selected for their passion, dedication, outstanding technical skills and artistic flair in all areas. Instructors strive to infuse and train theoretical knowledge and practical skills and most importantly, instill desire, passion and eagerness in students, giving them the capabilities and confidence to create a successful career as professional makeup artisans and image consultants. (Alexa Traffic Rank: 16,100,000)


9) SUB International School of Beauty & Make-up

SUB International School is one of the leading academies in the industry and it is in touch within the market. We are progressive academy with the most up to date training. .Being industry innovators, rather than followers, we set the standard for others. Our syllabus implements comprehensive all rounded fhahlfka in touch with the market and their influential attention to detail and it is continuously reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest products and techniques currently used here in Malaysia and overseas. 

Students are exposed to theoretical and practical training that we made both equally important. Occationally we bring students attending make up shows, fashion weeks, fashion showcase and big or small event, included artist make up at TV broadcast centre. Participation in a real-life work experience program ensures student to graduate with etiquette, enthusiasm and prepare them for their careers in the beauty industry in order to success in the industry in the future . (Alexa Traffic Rank: 13,000,000)

FB: subbeautyschool

10) ADONIS 1st Academy of Cosmetology

The name of Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology has been associated with beauty, body therapy, make-up & nail care since its establishment in year 1998. Based on years of experience and excellence in trainings, Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology appeared to be one of the most respected and well-known name in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

The team behind Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology is fully dedicated, professionally qualified, and highly skilled in the fields required as quality education and inspiration of nature’s key elements are its fundamental believes. We offer a variety of training courses that are accredited and recognized by both local and international Examination Board.

Up to date, we have successfully trained thousands of graduates who are highly qualified in the beauty industry, equipped with vast knowledge and technical skills required. (Alexa Traffic Rank: 12,000,000)

FB: adonis1stacademy

Wrapping It Up

So, here you are. The 10 best beauty academies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. If there are any major beauty academies that we’ve missed then please let us know in the comments!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.



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