Cancer With Falun Gong: Scientific Research Demonstrates Significant Improvement

In a study presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in 2016, researchers from Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States observed 152 Chinese late-stage cancer patients who practiced Falun Gong. The primary cancer sites included chiefly the lungs and liver, as well as the stomach, leukemia, esophagus, gynecological sites, pancreas or bile ducts, colorectal, and others.

The study found that 149 patients were still alive and healthy as of the report date. Compared to the predicted survival period of 5.1±2.7 months, the actual survival period was significantly prolonged to 56.0±60.1 months, with a median time of 1.3±1.7 months for symptom improvement. Among the cases, 147 (96.7 percent) reported complete recovery of symptoms, with 60 cases confirmed by attending physicians. The median time for complete symptom recovery was 3.6±3.3 months, and the median duration of symptom-free survival was 52.7±61.1 months. Additionally, the practice of Falun Gong resulted in a significant improvement in patients’ quality of life.

The study demonstrates that practicing Falun Gong can significantly extend survival time and improve symptoms in late-stage cancer patients.

In a clinical case report published in F1000 Research in 2020, notable clinical benefits were observed in an elderly patient with castration-resistant terminal prostate cancer following the practice of Falun Gong. The treating physician assessed the patient’s prostate malignancy as “clinically under control” and noted that his “overall functional status was excellent.” Despite a six-month predicted life expectancy, the patient survived for 61 months.

Health Benefits of Falun Gong

In May 1998, the General Administration of Sport of China conducted a sampling survey among Falun Gong practitioners. Of the 12,553 practitioners surveyed, 83.4 percent reported having one or more illnesses before practicing Falun Gong. After practicing for several months to several years, these individuals experienced significant improvements in their health conditions. The recovery rate reached 77.5 percent, with an additional 20.4 percent showing improvement, resulting in an overall effective rate of 97.9 percent.

survey study published in Health Behavior and Policy Review in 2020 involving over a thousand practitioners of Falun Gong in Taiwan revealed that among eight indicators, including “physical health” and “mental health,” Falun Gong practitioners scored significantly higher than the population norm in six indicators. The only two indicators where there was no significant difference between Falun Gong practitioners and the norm were “physical function” and “social function.” Notably, Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated remarkable superiority over the norm in terms of “physical health status” and “role limitations due to emotional problems.” Additionally, Falun Gong practitioners aged 65 and above exhibited significantly higher scores than the norm across all eight physical and mental health indicators.

The study also investigated the occurrence of chronic illnesses among Falun Gong practitioners, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and hypertension. The findings revealed that practicing Falun Gong resulted in a 70 to 89 percent improvement or complete recovery from these illnesses.

Furthermore, practicing Falun Gong also led to changes in the participants’ lifestyle habits, with 74.2 percent of alcohol consumers and 79.2 percent of smokers successfully quitting their respective habits.

Life and Hope Renewed – The Healing Power of Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa is a pure and gentle practice. Many people who practice Falun Dafa have experienced health benefits.



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