Cancer is at epidemic proportions around the around the world. In the U.S., 1,660 people are expected to die from cancer every day in 2019; in China, 4 people die of cancer every minute, or about 5,760 every day. Even though China has a larger population, their rate is still higher than the U.S. In this interview, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, author of “Hope4Cancer: Seven Key Principles to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey,” shares his philosophy on cancer treatment.

Hope4Cancer offers a comprehensive, customized approach to cancer treatment, focused around seven key principles: nontoxic cancer therapies, immunomodulation, nutrition, detoxification, oxygenation, gut microbiome restoration and the spiritual and emotional aspects of healing.

Nontoxic cancer therapies include pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, anti-angiogenic therapies such as hyperthermia and near-infrared light therapy, and biological intravenous therapies such as vitamin C and laetrile.

Ninety-two percent of Hope4Cancer’s patients arrive with Stage 4 cancer or have severely metastasized cancers.

A third-party review reveals Hope4Cancer has a 76 percent two-year survival rate, and extrapolated data suggests their five-year survival rate should still be in the 70-percent range.

Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers have two locations in Mexico and one in Colombia. A fourth treatment facility is being planned in Thailand.



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